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Knife Grinding Machine

Knife Grinding Machine

The Will ® heavy duty Automatic Knife Grinding Machine is the most efficient, reliable & robust machine equipped with rotating powerful magnetic chuck enables the machine ti sharp almost all kinds of industrial knives which includes Paper Cutting Knives, Guillotine Blades, Sheeter Knives, wood Chipper Knives, Plastic cutter Knives, Metal Shear Knives, Granulators, etc. Auto down feed with ADF gear system makes the grinding of knife more accurate & easier to achieve best tolerances. The presence of automatic cooling system prevents the edges breaking & keep knives away from rust during sharpening procedure. This machine is ideal for Printing, Packaging, Publishing, Paper & Pulp, Metal, Hand tools, Plastic, Wood, Leather, Plywood, Cardboard, Tyre-recycling, matchbox, rubber, tobacco, automobile, etc Industries.


Salient Features :

  • This Knife Grinding Machine is available with a powerful electromagnet which holds the knife automatically results in saving time & labour.
  • Magnet Bed is movable from 0 to 90 degrees (Grinding Angles)
  • This Machine can be used for both edge sharpening & surface grinding.
  • Heavy machine bed.
  • Most accurate machine to sharp single, double & four edge knives.
  • Auto down feed with ADF gear system.
  • Water tank attached with machine saves lot of floor space.
  • The presence of automatic cooling system prevents the edge breaking & keep knives away from rust during sharpening procedure.
  • All motors are Siemens / Crompton brand or according to customer demand.
  • Smooth inner area for good cooling, water drainage and easy cleaning.
  • Grinding head available with 6 or 8 grinding stones or as per requirements.


Standard Accessories :

  • One set Grinding Segments fitted with Knife Grinding Machine.
  • Coolant Pump standard make.
  • Water Tank attached with Knife Grinding Machine.
  • Kit of all required spanners.

Technical Specifications

Model Grinding Capacity (Length) Electromagnet Size (LxWxH) Motors (H.P.) Weight (Approx.)
Will/M 60 60"(1525 mm) 60"X8"X5" 7.5, 0.75 & 0.25 2,500 K.G
Will/M 72 72"(1830 mm) 72"X8"X5" 10, 0.75 & 0.25 2,900 K.G
Will/M 84 84"(2125 mm) 84"X8"X5" 10, 0.75 & 0.25 3,300 K.G
Will/M 96 96"(2440 mm) 96"X8"X5" 12.5, 1 & 0.25 3,600 K.G
Will/M 108 108"(2745 mm) 108"X8"X5" 12.5, 1 & 0.25 3,900 K.G
Will/M 120 120"(3050 mm) 120"X8"X5" 15, 1 & 0.25 4,300 K.G